At Avocardo, we are on a mission to save the planet one smile at a time.

We believe handwritten cards are one of the most powerful ways to show someone you care and are thinking about them. And, they're a super low cost way to do it.

However, we believe there are a couple of issues with the greeting card industry...

  1. Hardly any cards are made from recycled material. They're just chopping down even more trees, which seems crazy to us in 2021...

  2. The online providers just print messages in them, which isn't very personal or thoughtful compared to having them actually handwritten by real people.

  3. Lastly, to go out and buy a card, to then go back home, write it out yourself, buy a stamp, and post it.... takes up a lot of your time!

We wanted to create a quick and simple, affordable solution to these problems...

Welcome to Avocardo.


What we're doing:

  • 100% recycled cards and envelopes

  • Handwritten by real people

  • Planting a tree for every single card we send

  • Supporting jobs

  • Helping people like you to put a smile on their friends' and families' faces